Grammar Practice Worksheets


After reading these directions, print out a copy of the Grammar Practice Worksheet To Print.

  1. Use the following guidelines to analyze each example.

  2. Underline the subject and verb of each main and dependent clause.

  3. Circle each subordinate connective.

  4. Label, track, and tabulate the number and type of clauses you find.

  5. Label prep (prepositional) , inf (infinitive) , and prp (present) or pp (past participle) phrases.

  6. Label lc (logical connectives) and cc (coordinate connectives).

After labeling all of the components you can find, mark your answer fragment, run-on, or correct.

If you called it a fragment, indicate the dominant structure.

  • dc (dependent clause)

  • inf (infinitive phrase)

  • prp (present participle phrase)

  • pp (past participle phrase)

  • prep (prepositional phrase)

If you called it a run-on sentence, indicate why, and tell where the error occurred.

If you called it correct, indicate the sentence type.

  • SS (Simple Sentence)

  • CX (Complex Sentence)

  • CC (Compound Sentence)

  • CC-CX (Compound-Complex Sentence)

When you have completed this exercise, go to the Grammar Practice Answer Sheet to check your answers.